Our Background

In-JeT ApS is a private research company and a provider of Internet Based Services and Products.

In-JeT ApS was established in 1997 with the aim to develop user friendly services that help and assist ordinary citizens with their daily task using the Internet as a vehicle for delivering services.

More precisely, the company’s strategy is to create the “360-degree digital citizen” by using Internet and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to enhance people’s homes and work environments.

Since we are a small, self-financed company, our commercialisation strategy has, from the onset, been to obtain leading technologies and solutions from participation in EU and national research projects and subsequently transforming the results into commercial products and services. This strategy has provided us with a wealth of relevant technologies from working with world-class companies and research institutions in Europe and globally and we have subsequently commercialised major products in the area of citizen engagement, healthcare and smart homes.

Since 2008, IN-JET ApS has expanded its product portfolio by commercialising ICT infrastructures and Internet of Things architecture in order to create a fully digital environment for citizens’ complete societal needs. Today, In-JeT ApS is a renowned innovation firm in three important application areas: Citizen Engagement, Telehealth and TeleCare, and Smart Communities.


The Gazelle Award

In three concecutive years (2012, 2013 and 2014), In-JeT was named a “Gazelle enterprise” by the Danish business daily Børsen.

Every year since 1995, Børsen has identified Denmark’s growth elite and the word “Gazelle” has become a synonym for a rapidly growing business.

The definition of a gazelle is a company that over the past four financial years has had continuous growth in revenues or gross profit, and as a whole has more than doubled revenue or gross profit in the period. The specific criteria are:

  • Must be a registered limited company
  • Must have min. 1 million DKK in revenues or 0.5 million DKK in gross profit
  • A minimum of four 12 months accounts must have been published
  • Turnover or gross profit shall more than doubled over the past four years