In-JeT is starting a new EU-funded research project. The aim of the POCCARDIO project is to develop a point-of-care (PoC) tool which uses biomarkers and polymorphisms from finger prick blood, in order to help identify, classify and monitor cardiovascular patients at high risk. A clinical validation of these biomarkers and the PoC tool will be undertaken followed by a prospective, randomised multinational trial which will include only existing and approved pharmaceuticals.Overall, the project will improve care and treatment efficacy in CVD patients through an advanced biomarker-driven PoC-based personalised medicine approach.

The project focuses on the development of an innovative risk stratification model, translating it into a companion solution through integrating proteomics and genomics with a functional PoC microfluidic device. The PoC tool can provide fast results independent of access to high-end care facilities and thereby increases patient equity and social inclusiveness can be used to stimulate acceptance.

The POCCARDIO project is coordinated by the Medical University of Graz in Austria and has partners from Belgium, Spain, UK, Iran, and Denmark.

The project started 1st December 2023.