In-JeT is participating in the EU funded research project RESONANCE which aims to promote the adoption and usage of connected interoperable energy smart home appliances (including the EV charging and home storage) and solutions in order to accelerate the deployment of demand-side flexibility services, reduce the entry barrier and facilitate replication.

According to the new EN 50491-12-2 standard, CEMs are envisioned to 1) provide a more deterministic demand response, and 2) be able to optimize consumer benefits with respect to multiple incentives and optimization targets. To achieve this, there is a need for accurate models of flexible assets (smart appliances) and model predictive control techniques to automate the decision-making within the customer premises. The RESONANCE Framework will facilitate the adoption of CEMs as the next generation DSFM (demand-side flexibility management) system by significantly reducing the development efforts and costs.

The RESONANCE project is coordinated by VTT in Finland and has partners from Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia, France, Germany and Greece.

The project started 1st November 2022.