Recent advances and increasing popularity of automation and Information and Communication (ICT) technologies have opened new possibilities for empowering energy consumers with innovative flexibility management services thus allowing them to control a large share of flexible resources that can be used for balancing the European energy system. Building automation, smart home solutions and Internet of Things (IoT) make it technologically feasible to monitor and control flexible resources in real-time. Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies such as deep learning (DL) in turn enable development of autonomous systems that adapt to consumers by learning their behaviour and dynamics of energy systems.

The development and validation of such intelligent assistants for flexibility management, referred to as iFLEX Assistants, is the main goal of the iFLEX project. The iFLEX project aims at empowering the consumers by making it as easy as possible for them to participate in demand response.

The iFLEX project is coordinated by VTT in Finland and has partners from Finland, Denmark, Slovenia and Greece.

The project will start 1st November 2020.