In-JeT has as its main strategic focus to provide Internet based services to the home. We have already brought eDemocracy services and eHealth services. With the GreenCom project we bring home and energy automation to the home.

The GreenCom Smart Energy Management System (SEMS) collects, aggregates and analyses real-time or near real-time consumption data from appliances, smart home devices, sensors and actuators and smart meters, via an independent data communication network. It will also implement intelligent control of local energy generating and storage installations. Energy providers can management customers energy demand through intelligent control of the consumption devices and manage the local energy generating and storage installations. The demand control will be based on individual consumer contracts with attractive tariffs, reward/penalty clauses and other value based elements.

In-JeT will manage the workpackage on business models and requirements engineering. We will develop new business models for demand control in Smart Grids together with the Danish energy provider EnergiMidt.

You can read more about the project here.