In-JeT is involved in technological research projects because we want to strengthen our technology base for the products and services we offer in all our business domains. Leading-edge technologies are the driving force for the development of the Future Internet and the tremendous growth in new Internet Based Services. We want to go beyond just understanding the technology – we want to develop it!

Through our technology research projects we also get to understand the applications that can be build with the use of the new technologies, and very often we start application oriented research projects based on previously developed technologies. This was, as an example, the case of the Hydra middleware, which formed the foundation for the application oriented research projects REACTION (in eHealth), ebbits (in Smart Society) and several other of our projects. Moreover, the technology projects have lead to our commercial portfolio of telehalth and telecare products.

The main aims of our research activities are:

  • to develop technologies that support new, intelligent Internet Based Services for the Future Internet; Internet of Things and Internet of Services – and can become core cloud enabling technologies for services that includes machine-to-machine communication;
  • developing applications using service oriented architecture (SOA), Model Driven Development, interoperability and self-configuration of devices, context awareness, intelligent service orchestration, robustness and scalability of services;
  • to increase our knowledge of communication infrastructures for Internet Based Services, including Peer-to-Peer communication, wireless sensor networks, cognitive networks and distributed intelligence.

Below is a list of our past and present Technology projects.



Networked Embedded System middleware for Heterogeneous physical devicesIncorporates heterogeneous physical devices into applications using web service interfaces for controlling any type of physical device.



Enabling Pervasive Computing in Reality
The purpose of EPCiR was to investigate and evaluate technical platforms and protocols for pervasive computing and to establish a platform for further research and innovation projects.