After the opening speeches, the project representatives from Europe and Brazil each received a certificate symbolising the recognition of the projects’ contribution to a fruitful Brazil-EU collaboration today and in the future. The rest of the morning session was dedicated to joint presentations of the five projects which were very different in terms of scope, aims and objectives.
In the afternoon session, the four topics for future joint collaboration were presented by other invited external experts. The four topics were: Cloud Computing Science, Sustainable technologies for Smart Cities, Smart platforms for a smarter society, and Hybrid Broadcast-Broadband TV applications and services. The presentations were followed by a long and quite intense discussion in order to further refine the definition of the topics. This was an important exercise because it actually allowed the workshop participants to not only validate but also influence the wording of the topics and their scope for the 2nd Coordinated Call which were to be formally agreed upon by EU and Brazilian officials the following day.
BEMO-COFRA was represented by Djamel Sadok (UPFE), Markus Taumberger (VTT) and Trine F. Sørensen (In-JeT). The workshop had around 60 participants representing companies and universities from different EU countries and different states in Brazil as well as representatives from the Brazilian Ministry of External Relation and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.