How can we strengthen the competitiveness of small to medium-sized European enterprises by Future Internet technologies? What benefits does the Internet of Things bring about for businesses and how do we develop next-generation enterprise systems?
These are key questions that the workshop ‘Translating Knowledge into Growth: Views from ICT Research to Support Future Business Innovation’ will address. Keynote speakers from companies, organisations such as EFFRA (Manufuture), researchers from academia as well as representatives from Denmark and the European Commission will discuss central themes that are expected to have significant impact on the future development of enterprise systems. There will also be examples of how to create business around new value objects and in new value constellations.
The workshop takes place from 9.00 to 17.30. The programme includes a keynote session and three consecutive panels with speaker presentations followed by open discussions, for which ample time has been set aside. Themes that will be discussed include: New business models and business values, the innovative concept of the “sensing enterprise”, and the characteristics, properties and architectural design principles of next-generation enterprise systems.
Read more about the themes and programme here.

Participation is open for all interested and free of charge but a fee is required if you also wish to attend FIA sessions or other side events. To register visit In the first line there is a link to the registration form. Click and a new page will open. Go to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Next’ and the registration form will appear. Fill out your details. If you are only participating in the FInES workshop, select ‘I do not participate in the Future Internet Assembly’ and then select the session ‘Future Internet Enterprise System (FInES), May 9th 2012’. Remember also to select ‘by invoice’ in the payment section for registering without payment.

The workshop is co-located with the conference Future Internet Assembly (FIA) on 10-11th May which is held under the Danish EU Presidency. The full set of events comprising the Future Internet Week will take place at Aalborg Congress and Culture Centre, Aalborg, Denmark, 7-11th May 2012.

About the workshop
The FInES workshop is organised in collaboration with the European Factories of the Future Association (EFFRA) and Aalborg University and is part of a sustained effort to strengthen Europe’s role in the next- generation Internet landscape and reinforce the innovation capacity and competitiveness of European enterprises in the global market, with a particular focus on small and medium-sized enterprises.
In-JeT participates in the work of the FInES cluster, as partner in the ebbits project, leading one of the FInEs taskforces “Manufacture and Industry Relationships”.