An Intelligent Telemonitoring Platform for Remote Patient Monitoring

In-JeT markets the LinkWatch™ Telemedicine platform for easy and secure collection of medical data from patients’ location. LinkWatch Telemedicine solutions are intelligent and user-friendly applications, adapted to the patient’s environment and designed for flexibility and ease of use.

The solutions support patients in managing their chronic diseases efficiently and help healthcare professionals provide better care with more frequent, reliable and relevant data about health status.

The LinkWatch platform also provides a single point of contact for patients with co-morbidities, who need to be monitored for a broad range of physiological parameters such as blood pressure, blood sugar, INR, weight, etc.

TelemonitoringData are collected by the patient with different medical devices according to a daily schedule. The patient can check and supervise which data are to be transmitted to the Health Information System, which allows healthcare professionals to share the data between hospitals, clinics, physicians, and other professional caregivers.

LinkWatch Telemedicine is thus an important tool in the implementation of Shared Care principles and cross-sectoral monitoring of the patient’s clinical pathway.

Data can also be sent to a Personal Health System for the patient’s own use in managing the disease. LinkWatch Telemedicine thus also supports the principles of inclusion of patients and their relatives, self-care and patient empowerment.

With almost 10 years of international experience, In-JeT is a selected partner in telemedicine. The technology behind LinkWatch has been developed, deployed and tested in many of the projects we have participated in.

You can read more about our approach to telemedicine here.