The “European Culture” takes many forms and is expressed in millions of ways. The MONICA project will focus on one of the key aspects of European Culture: The cultural performances in open-air settings, with special focus on musical expression. Music is one of the fundamental pillars of European Culture, in particular the open air performance of music. Open air musical events are not only cultural light-houses; they are also big business. These events are highly attractive for young people. However, this arch-European cultural element is coming under pressure for the reason of safety (e.g. Lyon, Bonn, Leeds) or because of rising property costs in inner cities has made the neighbours less positive towards noise and congestion from open air concerts (e.g. Torino, Copenhagen, Hamburg).

The sound concept was first conceptualized by partners DTU and Ring on behalf of Gramex Denmark, the performing artists’ international association. The Municipality of Copenhagen provided financial support for the initial work. In-JeT undertook the task of transforming the ideas into a fully developed project for EU funding based on our knowledge of IoT and Smart City research agendas. Due to its highly relevant focus area, the proposal was heavily supported by international organisations ETSI, The Danish Police Prosecutors office, and the Eurocities organisation.

The project will start 1st January 2017.

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