Project Description

Joint Projects:

Actua A/S

Actua A/S is a Danish ICT development company founded in 2006. Actua has focus on energy. This is signalled by the tagline “Software transforming the energy sector” and by Actuas vision and mission statements. Actua is helping the energy sector in three areas: Security, Analytics and Integration of Heterogenic Systems. All areas are of direct relevance in GreenCom. Actua is interested in all areas of the Energy Sector (production, transmission, distribution, consumption, trading, markets,…) but has until now had most experience in the production and transmission areas. Actua strive for long-time relations with its customers. Actua has several relations to the Scandinavian Energy Sector. Actua is designing, developing and partially doing second level support on the backend data capture and analysis for all Vattenfalls Wind Power Turbines (approx. 1 GW). Actua also ran a Danish funded project about SmartGrid security. Further, Actua is involved in the development of the SmartGrid facilities SysLab and worked with Danish DSO DONG Energy on ad hoc analysis tools for the distribution grid of northern Zealand and the Copenhagen area.