Project Description

Joint Projects:

Solianis Holding AG

Solianis was a medical devices company developing a non-invasive Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) for self-monitoring patients with diabetes, within the broader range of physiological monitoring. Solianis was incorporated in May 2005, and it is funded by private investors and the Pioneer Fund of the Cantonal Bank of Zürich. Solianis’ non-invasive continuous glucose monitor employs Impedance Spectroscopy to track changes in the glucose levels and the effect of changing glucose levels in blood, cells and interstitial fluid. In a clinical-experimental trial, conducted in cooperation with the University Hospital Zurich, Solianis has shown that its multi-sensor technology tracks glucose changes in patients with diabetes as well as healthy subjects. In these trials, the subjects have gone through glucose challenges under various conditions designed to test the impact of the additional effects, thus simulating real life conditions. The results of these trials with healthy subjects as well as patients with diabetes look exciting – proof of concept is reached. However, the company closed in 2011.