Project Description

HW Communications Ltd.

HW Communications Ltd. was founded as a privately owned company in 1990 and formed with PhD qualified staffs that have rich industrially driven commercially productive research. Then, within the past 25 years, HWC has stretched its capabilities starting from its baseline academic foundation in information theory and cryptography to develop bespoke communication solutions for external companies and government agencies, ensuring that their operations are both reliable and trustworthy. HWC has a significant track record of translating R&D activities to commercial products and deliver market needs and become focused on advanced research in communication. It provides novel solutions to customers distributed globally, through which the business is generated and supported by developing physical technologies and consulting services. Through its unique breadth of capabilities and through commercial and publicly funded R&D, HWC remains on the leading edge of Resilient Communications and Cyber Security. HWC’s Research activities fall into Protection of People and Infrastructure, Protection of Identity, Privacy and Trust.