Project Description

Alexandra Institute

The Alexandra Institute has extensive experience with international collaboration and is involved in many international projects, collaborating with over 200 international organisations in over 20 different countries – from very small SMEs to big international companies and knowledge institutions. Some of the recent research projects include: Smart Santander (FP7) proposes a unique in the world city-scale experimental research facility in support of typical applications and services for a Smart City. The Airfield Monitor (R4SME) project aims to develop a novel system to support planning, control and assessment of airport runway and taxiway conditions, while significantly enhancing aviation safety. The IoT-I (FP7) Initiative is a coordination action that will support the development of the European IoT community for the coming years. ABC4TRUST (FP7) has the goal to address the federation and interchangeability of technologies that support trustworthy yet privacy-preserving Attribute-based Credentials (ABC). IoT.est (FP7) is creating an Internet of Things Environment for Service Creation and Testing. The goal of OUTSMART (FI-PPP) is to contribute to the Future Internet (FI) by developing five innovation ecosystems.