Project Description

CheckWatt AB

CheckWatt AB is an energy services company acting as an aggregator offering flexibility services. By greatly expanding renewable electricity production, we can lower costs for households and businesses. This is only possible with the help of smart control of flexible resources such as batteries, electric car charging and heat pumps, which also make the electricity system more efficient and reliable. Solar and wind power combined with batteries and hydrogen can support the electricity system significantly better and faster than traditional forms of power.

Currently is a virtual power plant. It consists of a network of flexible energy resources that together help to keep the electricity grid stable, safe and efficient. With the help of smart management and access to energy markets, every energy resource can participate, small or large, and enable 100% renewable energy production.

Battery storage performs a number of different services, where smart control of battery storage is one of them. There are a number of different functions a battery warehouse can perform, such as electricity price arbitrage, cutting power peaks or delivering support services to the Swedish grid.

Solar power plant has smart control of production from solar power that provides new revenue opportunities that mean an increased profitability of the investment in green energy as well as a better use of resources from a societal perspective.

Wind turbines provide smart control must be introduced to make the entire electricity system more efficient.

EnergyInBalance is a portal for data visualization of energy from various sources such as electricity meters, solar cells, batteries, power grid connections and more. The aim is to create a user-friendly overview of both consumption and production of electricity.