Project Description

DEXMA Sensors S.L.

Serving more than 1,300 businesses across 32 countries, DEXMA is a leading provider of Energy Management Software for buildings, commercial and industry sectors, helping organisations reduce energy use and cost, through utility bill tracking, continuous monitoring, sub-metering, analysis, alarms, reports and controls. Founded in 2007, DEXMA has offices in Barcelona and London. With a strong focus on innovation and internationalisation, DEXMA has emerged as one of the European leaders in Energy Management Software for companies. DEXMA is the only Spanish company offering building energy efficiency management. DEXMA is one of the pioneering companies in bringing Energy Management Software to smaller buildings without Building Automation Systems in a cost-effective manner. DEXMA has reached a wide range of sectors thanks to its software platform, including corporate buildings, hotels, retail sector, public administration buildings, industry and utilities.