Project Description

Engetron Ltd.

Engetron Ltd. is one of the most solid and important energy equipment manufacturers in Brazil. It acts throughout the product development cycle, starting with research, development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and maintenance of a large portfolio of Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) as well as well high end energy management systems. This is a company that dominates all the technology used in-house. Historically, its R&D investments have centered around power electronics, control and automation and software. It is their convergence into holistic solutions that gave its products the edge over competitors. Indeed, Engetron developed its own real-time energy management middleware. A recent company flagship is the development of a solution for reliable energy delivery known as “Garanteed Energy”: a personalized outsourcing optimized for energy efficiency, low costs and client versatile choice of energy supplier. Engetron has been first in Brazil to embed TCP/IP into its UPS products allowing their remote and secure management.