Project Description


KMD A/S is one of Denmark’s largest IT and software companies, with branches in Copenhagen, Århus, Odense and Aalborg. The majority of KMD’s business derives from software development, and the company develops and delivers IT solutions for the local government, central government and private markets. KMD has annual revenue of more than DKK 4 billion and over 3,000 employees. For 40 years KMD has played a key role in digitising the Danish welfare state and has played its part in Denmark’s public sector emerging today as one of the best run and most efficient and digitised public sectors in the world. KMD has developed and currently operates more than 400 IT systems that support Denmark’s welfare state and accompany Danes from cradle to grave. Each year KMD’s systems handle billions of kroner, equivalent to more than 25% of Denmark’s GDP.