Project Description

Joint Projects:

Post Danmark A/S

Post Danmark can trace its history as far back as 1624 when King Christian IV signed a decree concerning the establishment of a network of postmen in Denmark. Ever since then, we have provided reliable, fast and inexpensive transport of mail in Denmark and abroad. Today, Post Danmark is part of PostNord and is one of Denmark’s largest enterprises with approx. 21,000 employees working in eight clearly defined business units. In these years, Post Danmark is facing great new challenges. Customers are making greater demands on the postal service provided by Post Danmark. Competition has sharpened in the distribution, transport and logistics sectors. For example, Post Denmark handles all the logistical part of the telemedicine value chain. We make agreement about delivery to citizen and deliver telemedicine equipment from our warehouse and install it in the patient’s home. We also give instruction, so that the patient is comfortable using the equipment. When patients are no longer required to have telemedicine equipment in their homes, we pick it up and return it to the warehouse where it is cleaned, updated and prepared for the next patient.