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Zveza potrošnikov Slovenije Društvo

Zveza potrošnikov Slovenije (ZPS; Slovene consumers’ Association) is a non-government, non-profit membership organisation established in 1990 to defend and promote the interests of consumers. It is an independent association of consumers, governed by an elected Council and led by its founder-President, Breda Kutin. ZPS acts as the champion of the individual consumer, through advice and information, research and advocacy, campaigning and policy-making, and representation nationally and internationally. Its most powerful tool is the magazine ZPStest, published by ZPS’s research arm, International Consumer Research Institute (MIPOR).

ZPS is an active member of the EC Consultative Group since 2004 and  also in the Energy Sub-group. ZPS’s experts are active members of BEUC’s Energy Experts group, ensuring the needs and benefits of consumers are safeguarded in the policy process of the EU Energy field, including smart grids, demand response, renewables, privacy, etc. It is constantly extending its reach through consumer education and national and international projects, involving public utilities, the environment, energy, financial services, patients’ rights, health and safety etc.