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Uni Gent

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Universiteit Gent

Ghent University attracts over 41,000 students, with a foreign student population of about 4,100. In 2015, the university employed around 6,600 academic staff members. Ghent University is ranked 71st worldwide in the Shanghai and 118th in the Times ranking. The university provides excellent R&D opportunities to both young and experienced researchers, and awarded 660 PhD degrees in 2015 of which over 30% went to international young researchers. The university is one of the fastest growing European universities in terms of research capacity and productivity with high commitment to European research excellence.

The Department of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science provides research and education in the domains of general, inorganic, physical,analytical and materials chemistry. Scientists carry out both fundamental and applied scientific projects. The Department was the lead partner in the HORIZON 2020 project “PoCOsteo”.