Project Description

Joint Projects:

The HERON Group

The HERON Group, focusing on the production and supply of electricity, is one of the few vertically integrated undertakings in the sector, having been the first private Group to operate in the Greek liberalized electricity market. It owns, and has operated since 2004, two gas-fired power plants outside Thiva, with a total installed capacity of almost 600 MW. HERON constructed the first private power plant in Greece in 2004, followed by the second, combined cycle power plant in 2009, at the same site.

HERON provides substantial support to Greece’s security of supply, its plants using state-of-the-art technology and operating in line with market needs. On the supply side, HERON is the largest independent electricity retailer owning an ever increasing household customer portfolio together with a historical legacy of an extended B2B clientele. Moreover, HERON currently represents more than 150,000 end-customers in the electricity retail sector and is steadily increasing its clientele in the newly liberalized gas retail business. As a result, there is a growing need for the organization, management and analysis of all data that are the outcome of HERON’s commercial activity, both in the production and retail sectors. This need for efficient data management procedures will be further augmented by the forthcoming restructuring of the Greek electricity market and the imposition of strict imbalance penalties, both in the power and gas sectors.