Project Description

Optimus Energy S.A.

Optimus Energy S.A. constitutes the first energy asset management company in Greece that provides physical and financial optimization of renewable energy assets operating in the electricity market. The main mission of Optimus Energy is to provide market access and management services to owners of renewable energy assets that would otherwise be obliged to participate directly in the market. By doing so Optimus Energy essentially helps renewable producers to avoid investing in human and technical resources and assumes the relevant market exposure and balancing risks that the individual renewable producers would otherwise undertake. Optimus Energy specializes in maximizing the value of renewable energy sources by actively trading electricity through the market. The company’s work force has significant experience on the optimization and aggregation of renewable energy generation remunerated through a feed-in-premium scheme coupled with the obligation to participate in the electricity market.

A parallel goal of Optimus Energy is to provide renewable producers with a clear contractual framework that enables them to seize market opportunities and secure market revenues. To optimize and balance renewable production, the company relies on in-house market analysts, meteorologists and academics, as well as on self-developed advanced forecasting tools, market simulation models and risk management strategies. The innovative management tools, state-of-the-art processes and around-the-clock availability enable its customers to extract the full value of their renewable assets. Currently, Optimus Energy is by far the largest independent renewable aggregator in Greece, representing a large number of renewable producers with a total capacity of 400 MW and expects its portfolio’s capacity to exceed 1.000 MW within the next two years. Optimus Energy aims at providing high-level services to its customers, based on the academic excellence of its employees and executives as well as their deep experience in the Greek, European and US electricity markets.