Project Description

Odder Municipality

Odder Kommune is situated in the heart of Denmark, on the east coast of Jutland covering an area of 225 km2. Odder municipality has a population of 21,420 whereof 11,000 live in the town of Odder. There are approximately 8,000 jobs in Odder municipality. 4,500 people are commuting to work outside the municipality while 2,000 people are commuting into Odder for work. The main areas of employment are within social services and education, the manufacturing industry and the service sector. Odder municipality’s website has been awarded as the best in Denmark several times. The website has chat forum which allows citizens to get involved, i.e., it allows citizens to post debate issues, to participate in existing debates, to propose issues to be voted on, to contact politicians and to participate in hearings. Moreover, Odder municipality has electronic citizen fora which citizens can join online and use to voice their opinion and perspective on public issues.