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CHESF is one of the largest mixed economy regional energy generating company with more than 16,000 employees. CHESF´s mission includes the production, transmission and commercialization of electricity in a sustainable and reduced cost manner. Annually, the company strategically invests 5% of its revenues or the equivalent to hundreds of millions of Euros in Research, Development and Innovation. Innovation has always been present in CHESF. Adopt technology to support its growth strategy was undertaken since its inception, when it imposed the challenge, since the 1940s, the Paulo Afonso Hydroelectric Plant I. From the year 2000, the Company adopted a new level of activity. Now, not only using technology acquired, but the prospects it and develop it. Since then invests in projects that generate knowledge with better service at lower costs. It is with creativity that builds a future with processes more agile, more economical and sustainable, creating a better quality of life and benefits to society. CHESF currently embraces areas such as: energy distribution, energy efficiency, alternative sources, energy production, regional social insertion, environmental studies, telecommunications, etc. The company is part of the recent Pro-energy Efficiency Program (PROCEL) dedicated to the development of efficient lighting, air conditioning and heating systems used in public buildings.