Project Description

EnergiMidt A/S

EnergiMidt is a modern multi-supply energy and broadband communications company in Denmark, headquartered in the central Jutland area, 175 km north of the German border. The company was established in 2002 as a merger between three electricity supply companies. EnergiMidt supplies electricity, communications, and district heating to 176,000 electricity customers, 8,000 heating customers, and 32,000 fibre customers, covering an area of 6,000 km2. EnergiMidt has years of experience in optimizing the electricity grid, providing electrical installations, and selling heat pumps and solar cells and are experts in the installation, operation, and maintenance of street and traffic lights and offer energy consultancy to private and business customers. EnergiMidt are pioneers in remote meter reading and smart home solutions. EnergiMidt has solid know-how in all essential areas of the future energy market—Smart Grid, renewable energy, and energy efficiency. We currently employ more than 600 people within multiple fields.