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Joint Projects:

Hellenic Waste Management

Hellenic Waste Management (ELDIA) is the largest waste management company in Northern Greece and one of the leading dealers of recycled materials in Europe. Founded in 1997, ELDIA offers services providing solutions to solid waste management and disposal issues of industrial and commercial enterprises, local government or organizations of the broader public sector. ELDIA undertakes the screening of all commercial and industrial waste in order to recover materials (paper, wood, plastics, metal, pallets and glass) and promote the recycling industries. It handles civil and industrial waste with quality standards (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 18001:2007 – certified by Eurocert), while it gives in every sector a focus on environmental protection, providing the best cost to efficiency ratio in waste collection and recycling. In collaboration with Herrco SA, a subsidiary firm of ELDIA, Recycling Sorting Plant is in operation and it recovers both commercial-industrial and municipal waste, such as Plastics, Wood, Packaging Paper, Mixed Paper, Tetrapak, Aluminum Cans, Ferrous Cans, PET Packaging, PP&PE Packaging, Glass Bottles, HDPE, LDPE. All of the aforementioned materials are being baled and then forwarded to various Recycling Plants domestically and abroad.