Project Description

Elektro Celje d.d.

Elektro Celje, d.d. (ELE) is an electricity distribution company with long-standing tradition. It is one of the five distribution companies in Slovenia and it is the owner of the distribution network which covers approximately 22 % of the entire country. It has a contract on leasing infrastructure and providing services of an electricity distribution network system operator with SODO, d.o.o. for conducting public-service activities of an electricity distribution network system operator. ELE performs many activities related to monitoring, planning, development, and safe operation of its distribution network in order to provide reliable supply of electric power in its area of coverage. ELE is amongst others interested in driving technological and regulatory developments in the area of Smart Grids, thus it is active in relevant industrial and R&D initiatives, such as the national chapters of the Smart Grids Technology Platform and CIGRÉ/CIRED.